Maclan Industries Inc.
Custom Chemical Manufacturing & Packaging
Urethane/ Epoxy Gun and Pump Systems


Maclan Industries, Inc. has the ability to design and build a variety of Urethane/ Epoxy Gun and Pump Systems. We currently have patents for both Urethane and Epoxy Gun and Pump Systems. Our company builds a variety of heavy duty as well as lightweight, hand held units requiring only one man. All systems are designed to be simple and easy to operate. Varied chemical systems may be used through the same equipment. Standard equipment options include:
  • timer;
  • autoflush;
  • gun storage cabinet;
  • process tanks; and
  • heated/ insulated supply tanks.
Maclan offers technical support and a large inventory of spare parts.  Should major repairs and overhauls be required we can make arrangements to do so at our facility.
We offer these services to aid our clients in the sale of their urethane and epoxy products.