Maclan Industries Inc.
Custom Chemical Manufacturing & Packaging
Chemical Manufacturing
Maclan Industries, Inc. serves as the entire manufacturing facility for many clients as well as simply providing extra capacity for others.  We have the experience and ability to manufacture and provide the following:
  • blended urethane systems;
  • froth urethane systems;
  • prepolymers;
  • polycarbonate polyols;
  • blended epoxy systems including grouts;
  • blended unsaturated polyester resins;
  • coating systems;
  • adhesives;
  • latexs;
  • wax emulsions;
  • dispersions;
  • powder blends; and
  • solids size reduction.

The above products can be manufactured in quantities as small as 5 gallons including up tank wagon loads.  Available equimpment includes:
  • storage tanks and blend tanks between 500 and 10,000 gallons;
  • reactors between 475 and 4000 gallons;
  • tote tanks
  • ribbon mixers ranging from 250 to 500 gallons;
  • ball mills;
  • drum tumbler;
  • Hobart and Hockmeyer mixers;
  • chiller;
  • steam boiler, hot oil furnace; and
  • vacuum pumps.